Dr Greenfield

Dr. Adam Greenfield, D.O.

Medical Background

  • Dr. Adam Greenfield, D.O. received his undergraduate degree from University of South Florida, 1987-1991.
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern University in 1996.
  • Completed his internship from University Community Hospital in 1997.
  • Completed his residency at University Community Hospital in Family Medicine in 1999.


  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support, CPR
  • American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Jan. 2000, recertification 2009
  • Board Certified in Worker's Compensation
  • Diplomat of American Academy of Pain Management, Feb. 2002
  • Board Certified in Family Medicine

A Doctor that loves to heal

As a young gentlemen, Dr. Greenfield was always interested in the sciences, especially Biology. As he developed through his schooling, he volunteered at Nursing Homes and changed his view on life. He found the reason he was put on this earth, to help people, and make a difference in their lives. He realized that we are all equal as individuals and patients should be able to have a fighting chance when they have chronic medical conditions. He believes these conditions can be treated with care and compassion.

Dr. Wolfe, MD

Dr. Thomas Wolfe, MD

Medical Background

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Indiana University in 1980
  • Doctorate in Medicine degree from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1984
  • Family Medicine Specialist Residency training completed in 1987 at Southwestern Michigan Area Health Education Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Working with a doctor that cares

As part of his unique extensive background, Dr. Wolfe completed a Fellowship in Family Medicine/Obstetrics at Spokane Family Medicine located in Spokane Washington.

Dr. Wolfe has had a number different practice settings including Walk-In/Urgent Care, general small town Family Practice, Emergency Room, and Occupational Medicine. As a civilian, Dr. Wolfe has been working for the navy for the past 2+ years in Pensacola Florida.

Dr. Wolfe enjoys complicated diagnoses and takes a very common, practical approach to making a diagnosis. He considers patient lifestyles in developing a treatment plan and doesn’t harp on patients’ bad habits. Many enjoy his injection of humor to situations and discover his "love for the art of medicine".

Dr. Wolfe did disability evaluations for the Veterans Administration for 1 1/2 years. While working in Antigo, WA, he took it upon himself to initiate a training program for the nursing staff. For example, when he started practicing, physicians had to be in house to induce labor since the nursing staffs were not qualified to interpret fetal heart tracings. After a training period, nurses became skilled in interpreting these results thus relieving physicians from the need to be present. Nursing protocols were established under his leadership to deal with emergency C-sections and premature labor. Also, Dr. Wolfe and several select nurses became instructors in neonatal resuscitation and were able train the medical and OB nursing staff in neonatal resuscitations.