Family Primary Care

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Family Medicine physicians, or family practitioners, are primary care physicians who treat patients of all ages (hence the term "family medicine") from pediatrics through geriatrics. Family practitioners help manage and diagnose a variety of common illnesses and conditions covering a broad spectrum of health issues. Upon examination of a patient, if more specialized treatment or surgery is necessary to treat a more serious illness, a family physician will then refer a patient to a physician specialist or surgeon to continue health treatment in a more in-depth nature.

Dr. Greenfield started practicing medicine in Pasco County at his Port Richey office back in 1999. He has established himself as a caring and competent health professional. "He cares about making sure that his patients are informed and well managed in their overall health."

Why choose a D.O. over a M.D.?

DO's and MD's are alike in many ways:

DO's bring something extra to medicine: